Two Kids(brothers) of 12 years age create sensation.



These are called super kids. These two brothers name Amarjith Premji and Abhijit Premji who had love for toys and started making from waste materials in there home. They built from toy cars to aircrafts. Today there hobby turned into a corporate company. They have started a ecommerce website to sell there toys. This attracted the attention of the Indian government.  They were invited by our prime minister Sri Narendra Modiji to the India Startup conference. They sat beside business bigwigs who were almost 2 to 3 years older then, shared views and business ideas with them.

They proved that it is not the age but sharpening your brains and giving shape to your ideas which make you great

As Swamy Vivekananda says, “All Power is Within You; You can do anything and everything”


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